NRPR Business Productions (Biz Pro(™) offers budding new businesses full concept-to-opening launch support, ranging from legal entity creation to brand identity and design, alongside post-launch business development, public relations, marketing, and strategic services as companies continue to mature/scale outward.

NRPR Biz Pro(™) was conceived in response to the drastic business pivots and shutdowns that sprang out of the COVID-19 pandemic. While talking in real-time with existing and prospective NRPR clients, we recognized established and burgeoning entrepreneurs alike were inspired during the lockdowns to move forward with ideas, business plans and/or product development ideas, but didn’t have the bandwidth or the time to manage all the small details building a startup requires. Several business owners sought out NRPR’s public relations and marketing expertise before their actual company had been solidified. Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR’s CEO & founder, recognized this as an opportunity to close the gap between business development and marketing and meaningfully disrupt the way in which comprehensive PR is done in the modern era. 

That said, for anyone that has the desire to start a business but don’t know WHERE to start, NRPR will work closely with you to understand/develop your business, brand and infrastructure, to help prepare all necessary pre-launch logistics and messaging, and to set you up for sustainable success on and beyond day one. Following your company launch, the NRPR team will continue to partner with you to increase brand awareness, attract new clients, increase sales and make a lasting mark on your industry.

Game-Changer in Retail Distribution & Packaging Industry Turned to the NRPR Biz Pro Experts to Successfully Transition from Concept to Startup

When the founders of Invig Consulting (link to NRPR case study) were first looking to start their new business, they knew they had a great concept and strong industry experience for reimagining how brands, convenience stores and restaurants connect/do business but they were uncertain about how to structure and scale the operation. They turned to Nicole’s business development expertise and earned industry knowledge of what it takes to stand out and succeed beyond having a good product/service. Following that consultation, NRPR Biz Pro was born, and Invig Consulting became its pioneer client. Using their proprietary NRPR Biz Pro checklist, the team guided Invig through the full spectrum of nitty-gritty developmental details, from creating a legal entity to finding a banker who understands the unique needs and challenges of a startup organization. NRPR then developed and optimized Invig’s brand messaging, website, LinkedIn pages, Gmail infrastructure and Google My Business page to increase searchability and reach. NRPR also advised the Invig team on which social media channels would be best suited for their organization and helped create their brand’s digital identity/social imprint. Additionally, NRPR compiled a capabilities deck, designed business cards and a logo, built executive bios (complete with photographer recommendations for headshots), shaped proposal messaging, edited prospect emails and advised on contract creation. Invig’s executives praised NRPR for their hard work and successful outcomes, noting that they would not have known what to do without the team. Within a matter of three months they were a legal entity with a website, email addresses, brand logo, capabilities decks, client contracts, social media pages and more. They closed more than four new clients within four months and are now operating as a healthy company with a solid infrastructure for doing business and standing out in their industry. 

NRPR Biz Pro Solution

NRPR Biz Pro is here to guide you as you move from concept to full-fledged business, working closely with your team as a partner and advising on logistics/solutions needed each step of the way.

  • Finance & Legal Gut-Checking and Advising

    • In order to launch a functioning business, entrepreneurs must first register the company with its governing municipality, county and state for tax purposes (including the ability to legally pay your employees and yourself), decide on the business structure, open a business banking account, etc. NRPR has teamed up with trusted corporate attorneys who can lend their expertise in this area and guide you through every minor detail of the process.
  •  Full Logo & Brand Identity Development

    • Every business needs to have a name and a brand that accurately and compellingly capture who your company is, what problem you are solving, and why. The NRPR’s design team will work with you to tailor-make and build out your brand’s identity (including messaging development and logo creation) that represents the essence of your business, including: core values, vision, mission statement and brand style guide.
  • Website & Digital Media Development

    • From digital content to design and layout, the NRPR team will work with you to build out an informative, attractive, comprehensive website that aligns with your branding, differentiates you within the market and creates an integrated message across all social media and print platforms.
  • Newsletter Creation & Strategic Framework

    • Newsletters are a proven way for businesses to connect with current/prospective customers and employees and keep them apprised of new products and features, company news and developments, recent successes, client wins and other relevant information. The NRPR team has worked with several clients to build, design, strategize and schedule successful email newsletter campaigns.
  • Capabilities Deck & Pitch Deck Creation

    • In order to launch/scale a business, you must be able to compellingly (and concisely) present it to investors, partners, prospective customers/clients and the press. This is generally accomplished through a PowerPoint, Google Slide, Prezi or similar digital presentation. NRPR works with clients to create the unique template, design, messaging and content that will make your deck(s) sparkle and stand out from competitors. As with any other marketing collateral creation, we align the messaging and design with your corporate branding.
  • Executive Bio & LinkedIn Creation/Enhancement

    • The executive bio is a timeless and effective networking tool. It provides your career history, major accomplishments and can offer insight into your company’s mission and goals. Bios can be packaged, repurposed and posted to limitless digital platforms, including your website, LinkedIn, social media, newsletter, digital marketing and email campaigns. NRPR works with clients to ensure that executive bios and profiles are accurate, on-point, competitive, appealing and interesting, so you can attract the right attention for you and your business.

NRPR Biz Pro is the partner, strategist and advisor you and your business need. We know that starting a new business is an arduous task filled with infinite tiny details and plenty of hard work that often have nothing to do with your specific trade. Are you an engineer who wants to build an app but don’t know how to build a company around it? Are you a dancer who wants to start a virtual studio but don’t know how to build a great website and register your business? Are you a consultant who wants to let the world know you can help but you don’t know how to get the word out? You’re not alone. 

 The decisions you make now in setting up your business will have a long-lasting impact on its overall success. While you may be an expert in your industry and ready to run with your latest great business idea, you may not yet have the experience and expertise necessary to launch your business properly at the outset. NRPR’s Biz Pro is here to help provide those answers, alleviate that stress, build out those details and position your business effectively for lasting success. The first end-to-end, strategic business development offering of its kind within the PR landscape, Biz Pro can bring your business vision to fruition and remain by your side as you scale your solution and make an impact on your industry.


  • End-to-End Business Development Consulting
    • Internal operations/infrastructure 
  • Full Logo & Brand Identity Development
  • Website & Social Media Development
    • LinkedIn page creation & profile gut checking
    • Digital identity/social imprint assessment
    • Gmail infrastructure set-up
    • Google My Business page development
  • Newsletter Creation & Distribution Planning
  • Capabilities Deck & Pitch Deck Creation
    • Proposal messaging
    • Prospect email writing
  • Finance & Legal Gut-Checking and Advising
  • Executive Bio Creation/Enhancement
  • Industry & Competitive Differentiation Analysis
  • Company unveiling announcement and timing management
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