Writing a book is like having a baby. One faces blood, sweat and tears along the often difficult, long process to actually see the “birth” of the book. The anticipation builds until finally you see the finished product, the book is published and the positive feedback rolls in.  We are very excited to announce the birth of Beverly Hills Boss, the new book by NRPR Group’s CEO and fiercely awesome boss in her own right, Nicole Rodrigues.

In Beverly Hills Boss,  which was published on February 20, 2020, is available in paperback on Amazon and as digital ebook at  https://www.beverlyhillsboss.com/book, Nicole explains how you can become the boss of your life, journey, and destiny by sharing her story of how a young girl with a dream and the odds against her made her dreams happen, and how you can too. With perseverance and dedication, Nicole learned to never give up on her dreams and to believe in herself. Rather than dwelling on the past, the “what ifs,” and “what could have been,” she focuses on the right now and to-dos. Whether you are a student, a young professional, an entrepreneur who runs or wants to start a business, a PR boss or boss of your own destiny, Beverly Hills Boss provides tips and other resources to develop necessary leadership and life skills.

We sat down with Nicole to learn more about the book and the writing process. 

What made you decide to write a book and this book in particular?

Writing a book was always on my list of things to do in my lifetime. I promised myself that if I became successful and made it through the tough times in my early life that I’d write a book to inspire people and show them the way.  As you are going through life, you never know if you are going to make it. When NRPR hit our fifth anniversary, I realized that we had overcome many hurdles that could have stopped me and knew I was ready to write the book and share my journey in an effort to help others.

How did you come up with the title Beverly Hills Boss?

The name Beverly Hills Boss came from my publisher and Beverly Hills Boss YouTube show producer. We knew we wanted Beverly Hills in the title and threw around so many names. Finally, after much collaboration, the name Beverly Hills Boss came up and we were all in complete agreement! It just FIT and was perfect. 

Briefly describe what you want the reader to take from the book?

I want readers to connect to themselves and their own journeys, while reading through mine. I want them to celebrate their obstacles, which is something many people do not do. We can complain about the challenges we face in life or we can appreciate every obstacle as a way to gain strength and to learn.  Obstacles can be opportunities. Readers will be motivated and inspired to overcome any challenges that are currently standing in the way of their dreams!

Who should read this book?

Anyone who needs inspiration and a guide for growing as a person and in their career. Whether they’re a CEO, potential CEO, career-minded person, someone trying to get to the next level, a college student trying to find their way, a PR pro trying to figure out how to create a great firm, a mom who gave up on her dreams to be a mom and still has dreams inside her, or a young person who needs to know they can reach every dream they are willing to work towards; this book is for everyone!

What did you learn about yourself when working on the book?

I learned that I am incredibly resilient and unafraid of obstacles. I am willing to look at myself and find the flaws that need to be improved and improve them. I learned that I am DEEPLY appreciative of my friends, family, mentors, team members and all people who have been in my life. I’ve also learned that for once, I can look back at my life and say I WOULD NEVER CHANGE A THING!

Will you write another book?

Absolutely! I plan to write at least another two. The next one is already coming together and will focus on my journey through the educational system and how to overcome hurdles within the system. I have high hopes to finish within six months of when I finish grad school.