Google completed 10 years of research on what makes a good manager at a company. These 10 traits resonated with Team NRPR, as they reminded us of our own CEO, Nicole Rodrigues. Over the next 10 days, we are running a special series on this blog with our reactions to the list and what it means to be a good leader, written by individual NRPR staff members. This is post 9 of 10 in the series.

Good communication is important to any organization and team effort. Team members must feel comfortable bringing up suggestions issues of concern and asking questions. It is the leader’s role to create an environment in which staff are encouraged to share ideas and not hesitate to ask for clarification or help as needed. When members do not feel free to ask for help, quality of work declines along with morale with a domino effect that can spread to other employees and client deliverables. A team leader can promote communication by having an open-door policy, by having weekly meetings and informal get togethers so that people can build friendships and trust, which inspires communication.

There are certain bosses who shoot down ideas from the people who work from them and have an authoritative approach to leadership. Employees can become uncomfortable in asking questions, find it difficult to accomplish tasks without needed support and become frustrated when they feel they are not receiving the respect and resources they deserve. Conversely, there are other leaders who facilitate communication and are good listeners. A good listener gives the other person a chance to speak, provides verbal and nonverbal cues that they are listening, and asks for clarification as needed. Sometimes just listening helps the staff member to brainstorm and come up with his or her own solution. A good leader will help a person to find solutions to issues, without micromanaging in order to help team members to think strategically and grow.

Fortunately, Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR CEO has built a culture of support and understanding at NRPR Group. She strongly believes in communication and keeping people in the loop and making sure that circles are closed and everyone on the team knows what one person is working on and when tasks have been completed. We have weekly All Hands calls in which status reports are shared and Nicole communicates about agency news, agency direction and what priorities should be for the week. There is a fine line between feedback and criticism and Nicole knows how to make sure that team members feel supported even when being called on the carpet.

A good leader is a good communicator and creates a culture of communication, which results in greater productivity and satisfaction all around.

Lynda Starr is Marcomms Director at NRPR Group.