Congratulations to the NRPR Group team for a successful Q1 2020. In times overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, CEO NIcole Rodrigues pushed the team to be “stronger than Corona.” The team kept their spirits high and achieved success in working with clients.

In the first quarter, the agency added new client project wins including Mobilize, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, and more. NRPR also announced it is giving back to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco Bay Area-based businesses, currently facing hardship by offering advance discounts on “return marketing, video and PR services” to help them communicate to their customers when they’re once again up-and-running that will enable them to increase their revenues as soon as they’re able to reopen their businesses.

“It’s a scary time for people around the world and Team NRPR is incredibly thankful for its clients as we weather this storm together,” said Nicole Rodrigues, CEO and founder of NRPR Group. “ During a time that’s being referred to as ‘The Great Adaption,’ we want to help empower companies by prioritizing the betterment of the human condition with strong marketing support to their communities to help them improve what will be our new reality as soon as possible. We look forward to doing our part when that time comes and hope people keep their spirits high as we all work to get through this pandemic as one global community united.”

Our hearts break for the companies currently experiencing hardship and temporary closures during this time that’s putting people out of jobs and causing them worry about their futures. We want to assure the business owners who are able to get back to business on the other side of this pandemic that we will be offering discounted services to innovative, social good-minded products and service them specifically, to help them get back on their feet.

As global economic pressure arises, businesses continue to push forward and NRPR Group is privileged to stand strong and proudly partner with them as everyone prepares for a new and unknown reality. NRPR Group also received industry recognition this month with its inclusion in Expertise Magazine’s list of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles.