Google completed 10 years of research on what makes a good manager at a company. These 10 traits resonated with team NRPR, as they reminded us of our own CEO, Nicole Rodrigues. Over the next 10 days, we are running a special series on this blog with our reactions to the list and what it means to be a good leader. This is post 5 of 10.

Opportunities for career development are one of the most sought-after company traits among job seekers, but many employers do not offer their employees a clear path for growth.

I earned two raises in my first four months at NRPR Group as a direct result of my strong performance, which I was able to achieve thanks to good internal communication. Having clear expectations for my role allowed me to understand how to perform above them, giving me the opportunity to strongly contribute to my team and grow into more responsibility within the company.

NRPR Group maintains several best practices in pursuit of a performance-driven and growth-oriented culture in order to create new leaders:

Clear Expectations For Success. Every role at NRPR Group has specific objectives with key performance indicators and clear responsibilities. Knowing exactly how many press hits one is expected to secure on a regular basis, and exactly what skill sets one needs to develop in order to move from one role to the next, allows the whole team to understand how they should manage their individual growth with a clear path to ongoing success.

Monthly Company-wide Feedback. All of NRPR provides each other with written feedback on a monthly basis. Having a formalized cadence for feedback empowers everyone in the company to voice concerns and share areas for growth across the entire team. Feedback is not restricted to a top-to-bottom format; anyone of any level can give feedback to any ‘NeRPR’, so that all voices can be heard.

Real-time Feedback. The NRPR team also shares feedback in real time, allowing everyone to see exactly how feedback can be incorporated into their day-to-day work. While the monthly feedback allows the team all to look at the bigger picture of their performance, real-time feedback typically gives a clear understanding of what exactly each person could be doing better on a tactical level.

Regular Performance Reports. Every NRPR-er is responsible for reporting their own success via monthly reports to NRPR’s CEO, Nicole Rodrigues. These reports allow for accountability, requiring all team members to quantify their monthly results and provide written context for their delivery in a given month. These reports help the entire team demonstrate their performance and serve as proof of growth over time, allowing every employee to show when they have achieved the performance required for a promotion to their next role.

A performance appraisal process offers a path to success for team members. As NRPR’s CEO, Nicole Rodrigues gives staff the opportunity to incorporate feedback into their own tasks as they build skills and progress on their career paths.

Alina Ambrosino is a PR & Digital Marketing Assistant Account Executive at NRPR Group.